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Greywater recycling and CO2 emissions

Posted on April 20th 2009

Using greywater for WC flushing is less energy efficient than using the mains water supply. Traditional water saving techniques such as aerated taps and dual flush WCs remain the most important technologies to improve water efficiency. We have calculated that the┬áCO2 emissions with greywater recycling systems are around 1kgCO2/m2. This offsets typical savings of 5kgCO2/m2 in reaching Code Level 3. …

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Lost gardens and the Code

Posted on April 7th 2009

Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 3: Housing; highlights the importance of including recreational areas for children in family housing. Private gardens are named as a means for delivering this. The Code for Sustainable Homes conflicts with this national objective, as their gardens are often half filled with bicycle (garden) sheds, recycling and refuse bins, water butts, rotary driers and composting facilities, …

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