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Zero Carbon consultation: cost of compliance

Posted on May 18th 2009

We used real case studies for the Home Builders Associates to provide a response to the worked examples included in the Zero Carbon Consultation Document. Our study found that the cost to achieve Zero Carbon including energy efficiency, Carbon Compliance (on-site) and Allowable Solutions (off-site) varies from £10,000 – £40,000 per dwelling. The most expensive required high levels of on-site …

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Climate change checklist for PPS 1 compliance

Posted on May 11th 2009

A climate change report to be submitted with a planning application should address the following questions: Has the highest reduction in CO2 emissions been provided? Has the fullest possible use of public transport, cycling and walking been incorporated, reducing the overall need to travel, especially by car? Have existing or planned opportunities for decentralised and renewable or low-carbon energy been …

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Materials points

Posted on May 4th 2009

Environmental performance assessment methods for buildings in the UK – BREEAM, EcoHomes and the Code for Sustainable Homes – include the responsible sourcing of materials. Given the low weighting of the point score in the residential methods, points are often sought elsewhere. In the BREEAM methodology for non-residential buildings, the score is very much more significant. For residential schemes it …

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