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Window lintels and Part L

Posted on July 26th 2012

We have undertaken a desktop study to test the significance of lintel performance on the outcome of Part L assessment. The study was based on the 2010 version of the Building Regulations for new homes. We conclude that selecting lintels with a view to their thermal performance can be of real advantage to designers seeking to meet strict carbon targets. …

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Assessment of thermal mass gives Part L 2010 advantage

Posted on June 28th 2012

A review of the treatment of thermal mass under Building Regulations Part L1a suggests that, rather than relying on default assumptions, there is an advantage to be gained by undertaking an individual dwelling assessment. The results of a thermal mass parameter assessment are similar for a range of house types on the same development. This gives comfort that the approach …

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Thermal bridging in energy efficient buildings

Posted on March 29th 2012

A thermal bridge is created where materials that are relatively poor insulators are in contact across an insulation barrier. This creates a low resistance path for heat to escape from in an otherwise well insulated construction.   Limiting thermal bridges is becoming increasingly important with higher environmental standards such as Code Level 4 and the impending 2013 Part L1a Building …

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SAP 2012 Consultation

Posted on January 13th 2012

A consultation on the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for domestic energy use was released last week. Not yet available is the related and eagerly awaited CLG consultation on the Building Regulations Part L 2013. It is this second consultation that should contain details of the next big step-change in housing standards taking us towards zero carbon new homes. It …

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