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Our construction health and safety consultancy services are focused on assisting clients and designers in all areas of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. This includes providing strategic CDM advice, health and safety auditing or CDM Principal Designer services to new and ongoing projects.

As energy and environmental consultants working throughout early stages of planning, construction and development handover, our practice is able to take a holistic overview of any project. Our health and safety specialists embed themselves into project design teams, providing proactive support in assisting clients and designers in discharging their duties under the CDM Regulations. The earliest design decisions can fundamentally affect the health and safety of those who construct, maintain, repair, clean, refurbish and eventually demolish a building. Decisions such as selecting appropriate materials, considering access and cleaning strategies and buildability of proposed structures early in the design process can help prevent not only adverse health and safety implications during construction and building lifecycle, but also potentially avoid costly redesign and resubmission of planning applications.

We can also carry construction stage site audits to provide reassurance to clients that the necessary health and safety provisions on and around each site are in place, and making recommendations for improvements.

Our specialist health and safety advisors are able to use their problem-solving skills to assess safety from all angles in delivering high quality yet cost-effective construction risk reduction strategies and advice.

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