We provide high value services that meet energy and environmental challenges

Addressing the energy demand and associated CO2 emissions from lighting is a key element in complying with Part L2 of the Building Regulations for commercial buildings and residential common areas. In many commercial buildings lighting is the biggest energy demand.

Our experience is that lighting is often not specified with due consideration for the impact on SBEM CO2 calculations. It is often overspecified, providing more illumination and using more energy than is required. In some cases this unnecessarily puts compliance with Part L2 at risk and increases operational costs.

In addition to the usual lighting design work, we carefully consider energy efficiency and operational cost, and identify the most economically viable route to meeting the requirements of Building Regulations Part L.

We use the Relux design tool to ensure that lighting is correctly specified. The benefits of a full computer lighting design are:-

  • Lower energy demand, thus facilitating compliance with Part L2
  • Fewer lights required therefore lower capital costs
  • Lower operational energy costs