We provide high value services that meet energy and environmental challenges

Our combination of market leading technical expertise, combined with our town planning knowledge, ensures that we are perfectly placed to advise our clients in navigating the requirements of Zero Carbon Homes in London.

Although detail of how the Zero Carbon policy requirements will be applied is still emerging and it varies by London Borough, we have already helped to reduce our clients’ zero carbon liabilities through a range of different project-specific approaches. We always ensure we propose energy strategies that are cost-effective as well as technically appropriate. We are actively exploring compliant ways to eliminate the payment entirely.

‘Zero Carbon’ has been defined by the GLA as a 35% reduction over Part L 2013 achieved on site, with the remaining CO2 offset through a cash in lieu contribution to the relevant local authority.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) published their updated Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance in March 2016, which sets out the Mayor’s strategic approach to housing supply and housing standards. This document was supported by the updated GLA guidance on preparing energy assessments. Together these documents provide the Mayor’s interpretation of Zero Carbon Homes, and state how he will implement Policy 5.2 of the London Plan from October 2016 onwards.