Code for Sustainable Homes

Richard Hodkinson Consultancy is licensed to carry out Code for Sustainable Homes assessments. We have a strong track record in the delivery of homes that meet high environmental performance standards. We are able to advise on cost effective solutions to meet various Code levels. The company has devised a number of tools to assist the development team at different stages of the development process to address the complex issues which often arise. These tools include the following:

  • Planning documentation including a specific planning Pre – Assessment, together with a design advice note of all the key items which should be included in the design for the planning application to ensure credits can be secured at the design stage.
  • A Design Stage Assessment Tracker which operates as a Pre – Assessment but offers a more inclusive approach to the design team to ensure a smooth and effective design stage assessment through the focused gathering of evidence.
  • On site managers reports which provide specific information to the on site team on Code information and evidence which should be collected and stored on site to ensure the Post Construction Assessment aligns to the Design Stage Assessment
  • Presentations to clients on specific details of the Code to ensure all departments of the development process are familiar with its requirements.

Richard Hodkinson Consultancy has now certified over 8,000 dwellings, ranging from 1 to 500 dwellings within a single assessment.