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Good design considerations for bin stores

Posted on July 20th 2009

The Need for Good Design with the Bin Stores The Code sets out mandatory requirements for bin stores, covered within the category WAS1, that every Code rated dwelling has to achieve. It is paramount to the visual appearance of the scheme that these are well designed. If the bin stores are not designed for convenience, occupants are likely to end …

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Lifetime Homes and smaller dwellings

Posted on July 13th 2009

The 16 Lifetime Homes criteria have been set down to enable adaptable accommodation which will increase the longevity of tenure. However, it is hard for developments to comply where dwellings have limited space such as small studio/one bedroom or houses with narrow frontages. It is especially difficult for developers to meet criteria 7) and 10) when smaller dwellings are part …

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Specification of MVHR to improve performance in SAP

Posted on July 6th 2009

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are balanced whole house ventilation systems. As well as exhausting air from wet rooms like typical extract units, they also preheat the incoming air for diffusion into living spaces. MVHR is increasingly being specified by house builders. In many instances this is because it can make a significant cost effective contribution towards the …

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