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Affordable housing to meet Lifetime Homes criteria by 2011

Posted on September 28th 2009

The Department of Communities and Local Government has pledged an increase in the use of the Lifetime Homes standards to provide adaptable homes that match an individuals’ needs over their lifespan. The Government’s strategy ensures that by 2013 all homes are built to the standards, with the first batch of publicly funded housing to be built to Lifetime Homes Standards …

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Sustainability checklists for planning applications

Posted on September 7th 2009

Local authorities are increasingly requiring sustainability checklists to be completed as part of a planning application. Completing a sustainability checklist encourages applicants to consider the impacts that their proposals have on the natural, social and economic environment. In order to comply with a checklist, developers need to consider the checklist requirements during the early design stages to allow for spatial and masterplan implications. …

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