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Health implications of building materials in airtight dwellings

Posted on October 19th 2009

Health impacts of building materials As increasingly airtight dwellings are being constructed, the health impacts of building materials are becoming more  important. Many forms of paint or varnish (containing Volatile Organic Compounds), formaldehyde in glues in manufactured wood such as plywood and MDF, vinyl products and timber preservatives release toxic substances into the indoor environment. In the past, these substances would leak out …

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Air Source Heat Pumps and renewable energy planning policy

Posted on October 5th 2009

AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMPS IN THE UK Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are a mature technology, and widely used in Europe. Due to their efficiency they can  greatly reduce the energy needed for heating homes. However, they are relatively new to the UK home heating market, and their status a low carbon technology is controversial here. This is partly because …

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