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Biomass, deliveries and ash management

Posted on February 22nd 2010

How much more attention do biomass boilers really need? The comparison to the ‘stoker’ associated with coal fired steam engines may be unfair and extreme but it does go some way to painting a picture of the difference between biomass and gas fired boilers. Biomass (wood chip or pellet) is a solid fuel which requires more manual intervention than natural …

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Biodiversity benefits of brown roofs

Posted on February 8th 2010

Industrial brownfield sites can include valuable ecosystems, supporting rarely found species of plants, animals and invertebrates. When the site is re-developed this biodiversity can be preserved by the use of a ‘brown roof’. In order to encourage biodiversity the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 the ‘Convention on Biological Diversity’ (CBD) was adopted and set the target of achieving by 2010 …

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How to move from Code level 3 to 4

Posted on February 1st 2010

With the new Energy Use Building Regulations coming into effect later this year, with a predicted 25% improvement, there is an increasing requirement to meet Code Level 4 for both private and affordable housing. The jump in credits, 57 to 68, is predominately met through meeting the Mandatory Energy issues. This usually requires higher levels of both insulation and renewable …

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