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Home User Guides and the Code for Sustainable Homes

Posted on March 21st 2011

Often thought of as ‘easy’ credits to achieve, the Home User Guide needs to: Fulfil all of the elements within Checklist Man1 of the Code Technical Guidance Be fully researched to ensure accurate information Describe specifications for all house and flat types Is made available in alternative formats (e.g. Braille) upon request Is signed off by the developer The aim …

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Posted on March 7th 2011

BRE requires the Average Daylight Factor (ADF) to be equal to or greater than 2% for kitchens and equal to or greater than 1.5% for living/dining rooms and home offices. If the ADF is lower than these levels, natural daylighting would not be effective in illuminating the internal space and artificial light would be in use for the majority of …

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