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2012 for Richard Hodkinson Consultancy

Posted on December 20th 2012

The past 12 months has seen continued growth within the practice, both in personnel and work output. The following provides a quick review of the successes for Richard Hodkinson Consultancy in 2012. One of the more significant changes in the year has been the development of new services. This has benefitted our clients by offering a more complete service. These …

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Looking forward to 2013

Posted on December 19th 2012

Planning The wider adoption of Community Infrastructure Charging Schedules (the use of planning obligations will be more restricted from April 2014); The expiration on 27 March 2013 of the 12-month NPPF transitional period, designed to allow some protection for existing local plans depending on the date of their adoption, even where there is a limited degree of conflict with the …

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Part F and drying clothes indoors

Posted on November 27th 2012

  Many new homes, particularly flats, are being designed without adequate facilities for drying laundry. A study in Scotland, by the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit, showed that 87% of households dry their clothes indoors during the heating season, with 64% drying laundry on or near heating sources. The average amount of moisture produced in the home is 5-10 litres …

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Richard Hodkinson Consultancy working as energy and sustainability consultant on 3 of the top 10 regeneration projects in the UK

Posted on November 22nd 2012

Richard Hodkinson Consultancy is working as energy and sustainability consultant on three of the top ten regeneration projects in the UK: Greenwich Peninsula, Royal Arsenal and Kidbrooke Village. The Top 100 Regeneration Projects 2012 in the UK was published earlier this year by Planning and Regeneration & Renewal. At Kidbrooke, we prepared the Energy Strategy for the original Masterplan, and …

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The changing skyline of London – green roofs playing their part

Posted on November 13th 2012

More and more green roofs are being used in schemes, predominately driven through the planning process, especially in London. In this article we look at the benefits green roofs can bring to not only the development to which it belongs, but also the local area in which it is located. Green roofs have been around for hundreds of years with …

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Changes to Considerate Constructors Scheme 2013

Posted on November 5th 2012

Over the past 3 years the Considerate Constructors Scheme has undergone a thorough review.  As a result Considerate Constructors felt that the scheme should be more challenging to the industry but still remain accessible.  The changes will be taking effect from 1st January 2013 and will include a new code of conduct, new checklist and a new scoring and reporting …

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Northstowe New Town a Step Closer

Posted on October 30th 2012

Gallagher’s development of the first phase of Northstowe is a step closer after the joint committee of members of South Cambridgeshire  District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council resolved to grant outline planning permission, subject to the completion of a legal agreement. Richard Hodkinson Consultancy supported the application through preparation of an Energy Statement for the development. Working with Gallagher we …

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BREEAM Surface Water Runoff on Code for Sustainable Homes Sites

Posted on October 15th 2012

Design teams working on mixed-use sites assessed under both the Code and BREEAM need to apply caution before assuming that a Code compliant flood risk and drainage strategy will automatically qualify for the equivalent credits under BREEAM.  Whilst BREEAM and Code surface water runoff and flood risk credits appear similar, there are some key differences which this article will explain. …

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Running costs of energy in a Code Level 4 home

Posted on September 27th 2012

Meeting higher sustainability standards, such as Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, does not necessarily mean lower energy costs to residents. The strategy adopted to achieve these higher standards can have a significant impact. It is possible for energy running costs to be increased if inappropriate strategies are adopted. We have examined the estimated energy costs for different energy strategies …

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Safemark accreditation award

Posted on September 17th 2012

Richard Hodkinson Consultancy has successfully demonstrated that their Health and Safety practices fully meet the National House Building Council (NHBC) Safemark standards. The Safemark safety scheme provides qualification under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. Many of our clients require us to demonstrate that our management arrangements and competences fully meet the CDM Regulations 2007. Through this safety scheme …

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