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Energy improvements at Parkview and Sunrise Estate

Posted on April 30th 2012

  We were recently commissioned to carry out an Energy Audit for a community led refurbishment project in the London Borough of Havering. The aim of the project was to ensure that any future upgrades to the energy performance of the three 1960s tower blocks on the Parkview and Sunrise Estate are undertaken to the best advantage of residents. The …

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Why we should insulate corridor walls next to dwellings

Posted on April 24th 2012

Under Building Regulations 2010, corridor walls adjacent to dwellings can be classed as: a)      A sheltered wall, if the adjacent corridor is unheated OR b)      A party wall, if the adjacent corridor is heated Sheltered walls The u-value of a wall separating a dwelling with an unheated corridor must be considered as a ‘heat loss wall’ under Criteria 2 Guidance of …

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Importance of selecting white goods for the Code

Posted on April 13th 2012

It’s about both energy and water use   The Code for Sustainable Homes requires that washing machines and dishwashers achieve an “A” rating under the EU Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme and tumble driers and washer driers achieve a “B” rating in order to achieve credits under ENE 5 Energy Labelled White Goods. However, what is sometimes forgotten when buying white …

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NPPF – Economic Growth through Sustainable Development

Posted on April 4th 2012

  The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) The Government’s reform to the planning process has three fundamental objectives: Put power in the hands of communities; To better support growth; To protect places of value. There is general agreement that the final document represents a significant improvement upon the earlier draft, not least that is provides a useful definition of sustainable …

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