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NPPF & financial viability: impact of energy and sustainability

Posted on August 31st 2012

The issue of viability in planning has moved up the agenda this year with the publication in March of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which requires local authorities to consider viability in both plan-making and decision-taking. Schemes need to be proven to be viable to demonstrate economic sustainability. It is therefore very important to understand how environmental sustainability-related policy …

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November 2010 Code guidance in practice

Posted on August 28th 2012

  Our experience in using the most recent Code guidance issued in November 2010 has highlighted the following issues.   ENE 8 The latest Code guidance requires communal cycle stores to meet various aspects of Section 2 of Secured by Design (SBD) New Homes 2010. These security requirements are mostly defined within the ENE 8 section of the Code under …

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Delivery of district heating on phased developments – things to consider

Posted on August 22nd 2012

District heat networks (generally with CHP) are increasingly common for medium and large scale developments in order to provide the CO2 reductions necessary for planning policy and Building Regulations compliance. Delivery of these networks on phased developments is complex. For effective delivery, it is important to consider a number of issues at an early stage. 1.       Early development of a …

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BREEAM New Construction 2011 energy credit update

Posted on August 17th 2012

Under BREEAM 2011, the Energy Performance Ratio (EPR) was introduced as a new methodology for calculating ENE 1 (CO2 reduction) credits. The EPR is a triple metric, assessing energy demand, energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and represents a significant departure from the previous method, which assessed only CO2 emissions.  It was introduced to promote energy efficient design rather than simply …

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Planning success on King Edward VII Hospital

Posted on August 10th 2012

In early 2010, City and Country appointed Richard Hodkinson Consultancy to provide both energy and sustainability strategies for the redevelopment of King Edwards VII Hospital in Midhurst. The £180 million plans to restore the hospital has now been granted planning approval and is set to commence work in the coming months. King Edward VII Hospital is a unique and interesting …

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Should commercial units be connected to district heat networks?

Posted on August 7th 2012

Many predominantly residential developments also contain small ground floor commercial units. Where district heating (including CHP) is proposed for the dwellings, planning authorities generally seek for the commercial units to also be connected. We have concluded that this is not necessarily technically appropriate or viable. The aim of district heating with CHP is to facilitate reductions in CO2 emissions. To …

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