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Regulation 25A amendment to Building Regulations Part L

Posted on February 28th 2013

Regulation 25A is a significant new addition to the Building Regulations Part L 2010. Regulations 25A has been added to the Approved Documents for the Conservation of Fuel and Power Part L1a (New dwellings) and Part L2a (New buildings other than dwellings). Regulation 25A requires, prior to the start of works, analysis which considers the feasibility of decentralised energy supply …

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The Benefits of Dynamic Simulation Energy Modelling at Concept Design Stage

Posted on February 25th 2013

A recent dynamic simulation exercise for a client has highlighted the importance of early consideration of a “joined-up” building services and fabric strategy. This ensures an optimised heating solution delivers comfort and acceptable running costs. The use of our dynamic simulation energy modelling software greatly improved the accuracy of this process over standard SBEM compliance modelling. We have been working …

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The Value of Energy Modelling

Posted on February 18th 2013

  Over the past twelve months, Richard Hodkinson Consultancy has invested significant resources developing our energy modelling capabilities to assist our clients. We use 3D modeling software tools such as DesignBuilder and Hevacomp for strategic heating design, cooling design, HVAC simulation, overheating assessments, daylight and sunlight analysis. SBEM Part L Compliance: DesignBuilder uses data such as the energy consumption, carbon …

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BREEAM Simple Buildings

Posted on February 11th 2013

The cost of a BREEAM assessment varies depending on the nature of the building assessed. A new standard ‘BREEAM Simple Buildings’ may reduce the cost of assessment for certain developments. BREEAM Certification Fees BREEAM Scheme Total Fees Registration Fees Design stage Post Construction Stage BREEAM Bespoke £3,540 £2,250 £900 £390 BREEAM New Construction – Other Buildings £2,315 £120 £1,535 £660 …

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Code 4 – Responsible Sourcing of Materials for Cost Effective Credits

Posted on February 5th 2013

Now that many developments are required to achieve Code Level 4, it is becoming more apparent that the inclusion of MAT 2 and MAT 3 credits can make a significant and cost effective contribution to overall scores. These credits aim to promote the responsible sourcing of materials in both basic and finishing building elements. A maximum of 6 credits are …

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Nuisance Pluming from Flues

Posted on February 4th 2013

In addition to the emission of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), flue gases from modern single dwelling boilers and Energy Centres boiler flues can be very visible. Whilst not in itself harmful to humans, the visible nature of plumes may be of concern to residents and is therefore a customer care issue. Careful consideration of the location of flues and the …

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