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CHP Less Effective in Meeting Building Regulations Part L 2013

Posted on September 12th 2014

In comparing the relative CO2 performance of technologies assessed under the Part L Building Regulations for 2010 and 2013 we have concluded that MVHR now offers a bigger CO2 reduction than available in the 2010 Regulation. For CHP engines the situation is reversed with lower CO2 reductions when calculated in 2013 Regulations. Our analysis of the sensitivities between different Building …

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Hodkinson Consultancy Rebrands

Posted on September 11th 2014

As we approach the fifteenth year of our practice we have been taking a hard look at our business to plan for the future. Behind the scenes we have reorganised ourselves to focus on the major areas Energy and the Environment together with our continued improvement of our services delivery. We have recruited further specialist staff to support our growth, …

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New BREEAM 2014: The End of Tenants’ Agreements

Posted on September 8th 2014

BREEAM New Construction 2014 was published in May. There are some significant changes from the preceding 2011 version, notably the removal of the Tenants’ Agreements from Shell only, and Shell & Core assessments. A wide range of evidence may now be submitted instead to demonstrate compliance with the BREEAM standards. The removal of the tenancy agreement places no additional obligations …

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Absorption Chillers for Cooling on New Developments?

Posted on September 5th 2014

The specification of absorption chillers to reduce CO2 emissions from cooling on new build developments should be avoided due to the high capital costs, operational costs, minimal CO2 benefit and intensifying influence on the urban heat island effect. They are only appropriate where there is genuine waste heat rather than heat created specifically to power the absorption chiller. Absorption chillers …

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