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Commissioning is one of the key elements included within the Man 1 Sustainable Procurement issue within the BREEAM 2011 manual.

There are two credits available for the commissioning process.

The main contractor must appoint a commissioning manager to monitor and programme the commissioning of systems.  All commissioning must be carried out in line with the current building regulations, BSRIA and CIBSE guidelines.

For complex systems such as air conditioning, mechanical ventilation and building management systems (BMS) a specialist commissioning contractor must be appointed.

Seasonal Commissioning must be carried out for at least 12 months after occupation.


Evidence Required

To show compliance the following information must be provided as part of the BREEAM assessment:

  • Commissioning clauses within the M&E Specification
  • A letter of appointment for the commissioning manager, Specialist Commissioning manager and seasonal commissioning
  • A copy of the main programme to shows commissioning has been considered and sufficient time has been allocated
  • A detailed commissioning schedule
  • A copy of all commissioning records


Our Experience

We have found this issue difficult to achieve in the past as the commissioning has not been properly included in the development and the main construction programmes.

The commissioning sub-contractor has to act as the manager of the commissioning process unless a client or main contractor representative is nominated.

We have been concerned about the lack of documentation from commissioning sub-contractors. The tender documents from the commissioning sub-contractor should clearly set out the commissioning requirements.

It has not been clear from the documentation provided that the commissioning manager has overseen and approved the commissioning reports and that the correct procedures have been carried out where a BMS system is present.