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New developments should reduce their contribution to climate change and mitigate for the anticipated impacts in the future. This category considers flood risk, energy and water efficiency, renewable energy provision and building services.


Master plan proposals should include consideration of the efficient use of resources, including water, materials and waste in construction, operation and  demolition.  This  category  considers  land  use  and  remediation, materials  selection, waste management,  energy/water  use  and Modern Methods of Construction.


This category considers how development proposals respond to the need for new residents to access facilities and amenities without recourse to the private car. The following issues are considered: walkable neighbourhoods, cycle networks,  improved public  transport provision, Green Travel Plans and transport during construction.


Development proposals should conserve the existing ecological value of the site and take maximum advantage of opportunities for enhancement. This category  covers  issues  including  maintaining/enhancing  habitat  species, green corridors, ground/water pollution and planting schemes.


New developments should provide opportunities for businesses to serve the locality and provide jobs for residents. This category covers issues such as  inward  investment,  local  employment,  knowledge  sharing  and sustainable charters.


This category aims to ensure that new developments support a vibrant community which  can  integrate with  surrounding  areas.  Issues  covered include  social  impact  assessment,  community  engagement,  sustainable lifestyles,  community  facilities  management,  sustainable  lifestyles  and affordable housing.


This  section  provides  a  framework  for  ensuring  the  design  of  a development  which  draws  from  the  local  context  and  heritage.  Issues covered include site selection, defensible place, legibility, active frontages, accessible play and green space, Secured by Design and density.


This category ensures that the design of individual buildings contributes to the sustainability of the overall development through high environmental standards. This category covers assessment under the Code for Sustainable and/or specific BREEAM schemes e.g. Offices, Retail, Healthcare etc.