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All versions of BREEAM include a significant number of ‘easy win’ time-dependent credits, which if not considered during an early RIBA design stage cannot later be awarded as part of the assessment. The early appointment of a BREEAM assessor is therefore crucial to a successful BREEAM assessment, particularly where the higher ratings are targeted.

To achieve the desired BREEAM rating a clear strategy must be developed and implemented during the early stages of a project (RIBA design stages 1-3) to ensure that the development is in line with BREEAM criteria.

The number of credits that are achievable in the BREEAM assessment reduces as the project progresses, as the deadline for these credits passes. Failure to consider the credit requirements by these deadlines means the credits cannot be awarded, reducing the number of available credits and so making it more difficult to meet the required BREEAM rating.

The timeline below (please click to view or download our PDF) presents the specific time-dependant credits in BREEAM 2014, highlighting in which RIBA design stage they need to be considered before they are no longer achievable.

Consider it Early – BREEAM 2014 Timeline