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The cost of a BREEAM assessment varies depending on the nature of the building assessed. A new standard ‘BREEAM Simple Buildings’ may reduce the cost of assessment for certain developments.

BREEAM Certification Fees
BREEAM Scheme Total Fees Registration Fees Design stage Post Construction Stage
BREEAM Bespoke £3,540 £2,250 £900 £390
BREEAM New Construction – Other Buildings £2,315 £120 £1,535 £660
BREEAM New Construction Standard £1,410 £120 £900 £390
BREEAM Simple Buildings £1,035 £120 £555 £360


BREEAM 2011 Simple Buildings has been developed with the aim of reducing the cost of a BREEAM assessment for less complicated buildings. BRE have announced that the standard will be launched in the near future.

Guidance for BREEAM Simple Buildings has not yet been published, but we know that one criterion for classification is that a building should not include ‘complex systems’. Complex systems will include low or zero carbon technologies, air conditioning systems or other complex controls systems. Another criterion will be the relationship between the building services and the building fabric – naturally ventilated buildings may qualify for example. Under the first version of the guidance, the size of a building will not be a deciding factor.

The new standard is expected to have a similar format to existing guidance in BREEAM 2011 New Construction. There will be a reduction in the overall number of credits that must be assessed. Credits removed from the existing method might come from the sections on Pollution (Impact of refrigerants), Energy (Low and zero carbon technologies) and Management (Stakeholder participation) – although this has yet to be confirmed. Although the new standard is labelled as ‘simple’, this relates to the building form and the number of credits that must be assessed. It is not proposed to relax the rigor of the assessment method or the nature of the evidence requirements.

It is not yet clear whether it will be possible to use BREEAM Simple Buildings for a two stage shell-and-core/fit-out assessment. Building refurbishments may also not be applicable to this type of assessment, although BREEAM Non-Domestic Refurbishment is in the pipeline for 2014, and may include a Simple Buildings definition.

There is a fee for re-registering a project under the Simple Buildings standard. Until we have fully reviewed the new guidance, we have decided to wait before changing the assessment method for any of our current schemes. However, once we have understood the implications we will be re-appraising the schemes on our books for their suitability.

If you have any scheme you think may qualify – please get in touch with us to discuss.

Posted on February 11th, 2013