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Designing buildings with acceptable levels of internal daylight and sunlight, while minimising impact on the daylight enjoyed by surrounding buildings, is an increasingly difficult challenge faced by urban designers. Local authorities have increasingly become aware of the importance of maintaining adequate daylight to encourage health and well-being of residents, and a significant number have incorporated planning policies to this effect.

With the use of the latest detailed analysis software Ecotect and Design Builder, we are examining the impact of proposed new development on the daylight amenity of the surrounding built environment, as well as considering the quality of daylight and sunlight within new developments. Using this information, we are preparing Daylight & Sunlight, Overshading and Rights of Light reports in accordance with BRE guidance, to accompany planning applications.

We are also preparing schematic building envelopes that can help designers maximise the scale of new development while minimising impact on surrounding buildings. Our detailed understanding of building physics has enabled us to assess any additional associated risks of overheating.