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We have successfully assisted Berkeley Homes in the next stages of the development of the district heating network at Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich which will ultimately heat 3,700 homes from a single Energy Centre.

Working closely with Berkeley Homes we have successfully assisted in:

  • Optimisation of the Energy Centre design to maximise efficiency and minimise emissions of carbon dioxide through Combined Heat & Power (CHP) engines. Construction of 2 mezzanine floors within the existing Energy Centre will enable it to provide heat to the expanded development;
  • Preparation of a District Heating Masterplan that provides a consistent set of design principles for the whole site. These built upon operational data from the existing Energy Centre and aim at a lean design that minimises heat losses;
  • Coordinated the route and sizing of the strategic heat network with existing Utilities across the site;
  •  Extending SSE’s Energy Services Agreement for the supplying of affordable low carbon heat to residents for a 25 year period. The cost of heat was carefully benchmarked against other district heating schemes and against traditional methods of supplying heat (individual boilers). Heat costs for the existing Phases 1 & 2 are actually being reduced over the current prices due to the increased economy of scale as the network expands.

Berkeley’s scheme at Royal Arsenal Riverside is an excellent example of placemaking and building a sustainable community, and we are proud to have been involved in delivering this. The high quality design and operation of the heat network forms an integral part of Royal Arsenal Riverside proving to be one of London’s most sustainable communities in its delivery of high quality, energy efficient design and superior construction.

We have been involved with Royal Arsenal Riverside for over 10 years, and look forward to our continuing involvement with the scheme.