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The Green Guide to Housing Specification is an online tool and provides developers with easy to use guidance on how to make the best environmental choices when selecting construction materials and components.

PVC-u windows have recently been awarded an ’A’ rating under the Green Guide. When used in windows and doors, un-plasticised PVC-u is one of the most rigid polymers at normal ambient temperatures and shows little deterioration after many years of service.

BRE awarded the ‘A’ rating principally because of the materials full life cycle performance. One of the lesser known characteristics of PVC-u is that it can be recycled on a large scale. It can be ground into pellets which are then re-heated and moulded into new products – up to seven times. There are now products on the market that are made from 100 per cent recycled PVC-u. The Eurocell Cavity Closers are an excellent example of this.