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Many of our large residential schemes have relatively small commercial spaces which have to reach BREEAM standards for planning.

We show below our recommended approach which should avoid any uncertainty:

  • BREEAM New Construction Shell & Core Assessments are a less complex assessment specifically designed for later tenant fit out of commercial spaces.
  • We recommend the use of this approach with tenants agreements on a fixed lease or a green lease of recommendations to the tenants.
  • Get BREEAM Shell & Core certification early in the build process. Incoming tenants need to know what is ahead. With an initial BREEAM certificate and a tenants agreement this can allow them to plan the fit out to meet the final BREEAM certification requirements.
  • As part of this process within BREEAM New Construction watch out for the mandatory credits.
  • Extensive consultation being completed for the wider project at feasibility stage must be undertaken to be compliant with BREEAM requirements to achieve free credits.
  • Use a BREEAM Accredited Professional for BREEAM advice and to obtain additional free credits.
  • There is a mandatory 25% reduction over 2010 Building Regulation CO2 emissions for BREEAM Excellent. Develop a strategy for meeting this difficult issue early in the design process.

Posted on March 28th, 2012