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The BREEAM Domestic Refurbishments assessment includes an Inclusive Design credit which follows the 16 Lifetime Homes design criteria and Part M of the Building Regulations (2010).

An Inclusive Design Access Statement template is provided by BREEAM and is broken into 3 sections; one credit is awarded for each section which has been met.  We have prepared a table to assist in meeting the design criteria for each section. Click here for a pdf copy of the table. Inclusive Design Criteria Table

As Inclusive Design Champions, Richard Hodkinson Consultancy are able to help the design team identify the existing building’s limitations, and recommend compensatory measures where full compliance proves to be impracticable.  In all cases however, the building must be no less compliant with any of the requirements than it was prior to alterations, and should not be made less complaint with Part M of the Building Regulations than before work began.