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After a successful BREEAM Design Stage assessment many sites lose vital credits at the Post Construction stage due to the transfer of information from the design team to the site teams. These credits tend to be the ones that are not included within design specifications and drawings, they are additional commitments the client and design team have made.

One simple answer to this problem is Design Stage certification. Before sites have a substantial start on site the Design Stage certification is a clear indication of the credits targeted. This gives clear focus to the site team early in the construction process.

Credits where points are often lost are as follows:-


Man 2 – Considerate Constructors

The site team are responsible for achieving this based on the site practices. Achieving the score that the design team has committed them to is often difficult as this is 36 out of 40 in many cases. This needs careful planning and special measures to be included in order to reach this score.


Man 3 – Construction Site Impacts

Energy and water use during construction must be monitored at least monthly with the collated data recorded for inclusion within the BREEAM assessment. Nuances with the criteria are often forgotten through the construction process.


Hea 6 – Safety and Security

To achieve Secured by Design an Architectural Liaison Officer from the local police force will be consulted during the design stage and any requirements incorporated into the design. The Architectural Liaison Officer must then come down to site to confirm that all items have been installed accordingly to award certification.


Ene 1 – Reduction of CO2 emissions

This credit is about the overall CO2 emissions in use. It must be remembered that for large schemes connections for commercial and other non residential buildings can be made to district heating networks using CHP and other low and zero carbon technologies to reduce the CO2 emissions.


Wst 1 – Construction Waste Management

A commitment is made to reduce the amount of waste taken from the site. This is for both recycled waste and non recyclable waste. This is usually very stringent and means that all materials need to be used very resourcefully to reduce waste. If this is not effectively communicated then all the credits are usually lost during the construction process.


Le 2 – Ecological value of site and protection of ecological features

Protection of ecological features also needs to be well communicated to all the site team. This is so that all trees and other features especially animals and water courses are suitably protected.

Posted on June 21st, 2012