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The benefits of the new 2014 Refurbishment and Fit-out Scheme include a more flexible approach to the BREEAM assessment. This ensures that the assessment is tailored to the scope of the project. Credits Ene 03 (External lighting), Mat 01 (Life cycle impacts) and Wst 03 (Operational waste) appear more straightforward to achieve. Certain credits will be more difficult to achieve, notably Ene 01 (Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions), Wst 01 (Construction waste management) and Pol 02 (NOx emissions).

The new scheme is split into criteria relating to services typically specified by the Landlord, and those influenced by the Tenant. This allows various criteria to be filtered out so that only those applicable to the project are assessed. This new approach supersedes the previous BREEAM 2008 scheme.

The deadline for registering refurbishment and fit-out projects under BREEAM 2008 is 16th February 2015, therefore we currently have the option to register projects under either the 2008 or 2014 scheme. On balance, the decision as to which version to use should be made on a project by project basis.

For new shell only (or shell and core) developments assessed under BREEAM New Construction 2014, the Tenant fit-out can be assessed separately under BREEAM Refurbishment and Fit-out 2014.