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Over the past 5 years, we have been involved in some of the most significant developments along the River Thames, extending from Isleworth to Woolwich. This includes over 8,000 dwellings and a wide range of non-residential uses in 13 different developments.

Through working on these projects we have gained specialist knowledge and skills through planning and assessment work.

Riverside developments typically provide a different set of design parameters. This includes views across the capital being maximised through high levels of glazing and unit positioning.  Whilst this enables high levels of natural daylighting, it can also lead to overheating. It is therefore important that an appropriate balance is reached between the two, and early consideration of the risks must be carried out to devise the most effective mitigation measures.

To meet these requirements, we have developed specialist energy simulation techniques to optimise the glazing areas to achieve a balance between daylighting, overheating and passive solar gain.

Other areas where we have gained invaluable experience from working on these developments include:

  • Understanding the flood risk issues and drainage solutions to meet both BREEAM and Code assessment requirements;
  • Regeneration and ecological enhancement to maximise development potential;
  • Differing Councils’ planning requirements and their influence on design;
  • Maximise private space orientation and size to gain the full amenity of the views;
  • Pollution protection measures to both prevent and mitigate the effects of any spillage to ensure the River Thames is not affected.

RHC Thames Map

The image above shows Thames Riverside developments we have worked on in the past 5 years.