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To align with the recently introduced Part L 2013, the GLA has issued new guidance for the preparation of Energy Statements.

The main changes are: –

1. Policy 5.2 target for a 35% reduction in Regulated CO2 emissions over Part L 2013.

  • There is a transition period up to 5th July 2014, during which Stage 1 applications can utilise the old 40% target over Part L 2010 if they wish.
  • This is likely to be easier to achieve for some developments and harder for others, depending on the type.
  • Although the 2010 methodology can still be used, it is our recommendation that if the development will be built to Part L 2013, the opportunity should be taken at planning stage to ensure that the design can meet these requirements.

2. A clear commitment to meet the Part L 2013 CO2 baseline through energy efficiency measures alone, before considering low carbon & renewable energy technologies.

  • This will require an uplift in specification over the previous requirement to meet Part L 2010 through energy efficiency measures.
  • May also require a higher specification than is required to meet the Fabric Energy Efficiency requirements of Part L 2013.

3. Where the 35% policy target is not met, the shortfall must be calculated in order to determine the cash-in-lieu contribution to be made.

4. A recognition that CHP may not be appropriate for small solely residential developments of less than 300 homes.

  • Alternative strategies for meeting the CO2 reduction targets may prove technically challenging to implement.