When designing a building it is important to consider the acoustic implications on the building to ensure occupants are not exposed to uncomfortable or unhealthy levels of noise. We provide services in acoustic performance evaluation, considering holistically the conflicts with summertime overheating, thermal comfort and ventilation, following with proactive design advice to address relevant planning and building regulation requirements. Detailed acoustic testing can be carried out to the requirements of the client, including investigations into the effect the development will have on the surrounding area and construction noise and vibration testing under Section 61 of the Control and Pollution Act 1974.

The information gathered can be used to optimise operational performance, undertake remediation measures where necessary and feedback lessons learnt to future projects.

We can help you at any stage of your project, offering design advice to influence the specification of the building make-up and achieve the required standard as well as helping with post-completion testing and offering a full report of the findings.