Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 is a voluntary process to apply for prior consent for noise-generating activities during your construction process.

Taking this proactive approach offers you protection from negative action by the local authority, and also provides them with a level of confidence that there are unlikely to be any complications or concerns over noise and vibration from your site, as it’s been identified and reviewed. The application is also a great opportunity to review the method and management of the construction work to ensure the best processes are in place. To be able to apply for section 61, you’ll need to appoint an acoustic consultant to complete the application before any work begins on site. So we can help you fill in and submit the application, which includes the details and timings of the work being carried out and information about any measures implemented to reduce the noise.

In addition to S61 Prior Consent applications we can also help you manage and monitor any environmental impacts from demolition/construction-related noise and vibration by providing environmental management plans, unattended continuous monitoring, or on-site investigations and audits to ensure ‘Best Practicable Means’.