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Noise assessment is becoming an increasingly important issue for urban development to meet planning requirements.

Proposed residential development in high density locations, often in brownfield or previously developed commercial sites, may require one or more types of noise assessment to provide assurance to local authorities that noise issues have been appropriately considered and mitigated.

BS 8233:2014 and BS 12354-3:2000 give guidance relevant to the planning stage of development on matters such as design, sound insulation, specific building acoustics and external noise sources while BS 4142:2014 gives guidance on external noise from building services and commercial operations.

The successful application of the British Standards requires a delicate balance between conflicting issues. For example, a reduction in the size of windows in a new development can reduce the impact of external noise. However, this may contradict a preference for larger windows when seeking to achieve higher levels of daylighting and solar gain performance. Achieving the right balance is therefore critical.

We are able to consider the assessment of noise alongside other building performance standards, including thermal efficiency, overheating and daylighting, to ensure that an appropriate balance is achieved in order to produce a high quality development.