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Richard Hodkinson Consultancy have assisted Bellway Homes and Family Mosaic in being selected as The London Borough of Southwark’s development partner for the four phases at Elmington Sites C, D, E & G.

The project will form part of the on-going comprehensive regeneration of the Elmington Estate, by providing 226 dwellings, in an approach that will enable the creation of an exceptionally high quality and sustainable environment that exceeds compliance with regional and local policies.

Key energy measures

  • Site G will be designated as an exemplary site in terms of energy efficiency, stretching the boundaries of innovative techniques and passive design to achieve CO2 savings up to 25% (below Part L 2010 Regulations) through these measures alone, thus radically reducing energy bills to homeowners and tenants. Measures will include triple glazing, very high levels of thermal insulation, highly efficient gas condensing boilers fitted with systems that recover otherwise lost heat from flue gases, waste water heat recovery and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.
  • As strongly encouraged by the London Plan, for three of the four sites, a Combined Heat and Power engine is proposed. This will provide a low carbon source of heating and hot water to Sites C, D and E.
  • Finally, the use of renewable energy technologies, in the form of Solar Photovaltaics, will be installed on suitable roof areas across all sites.
  • The above combined solutions will bring about Regulated CO2 reductions of at least 44% over 2010 Building Regulation levels, as shown graphically below.


Elmington Sites CO2 emissions


Key sustainability measures

  • Each home will exceed Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and the mandatory energy requirements for Code Level 4, going beyond compliance with the London Plan.
  • Large areas of glazing will ensure high levels of natural daylight within the units, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting and increasing solar gain. Combined, this will also have a noteworthy effect on reducing the energy demand of the development.
  • A large provision of cycle storage to promote a sustainable mode of transport and one which promotes exercise, together with a car free development.
  • All dwellings will comply with all 16 Lifetime Homes criteria.
  • Advanced waste reduction measures to be included both during construction and in-use to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill to an absolute minimum.


Posted on July 31st, 2012