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Major changes to environmental management on the way

Posted on November 4th 2013

  In 18 months’ time, the revised version of the international standard for Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001, will be published.  The changes are likely to have a major impact on organisations which are currently certified. To date, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) have focussed on managing an organisation’s impact on the environment.  Part of the new standard will reverse this perspective …

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Planning implications for schemes with large water using features

Posted on April 22nd 2013

There are advantages and disadvantages of incorporating large water-using features into landscape designs. On the one hand water features add amenity value, ecological value and can be used as a technique for attenuating surface water run-off. On the other hand they usually require large volumes of water and can often consume large amounts of energy. The option of using recycled …

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Code 4 – Responsible Sourcing of Materials for Cost Effective Credits

Posted on February 5th 2013

Now that many developments are required to achieve Code Level 4, it is becoming more apparent that the inclusion of MAT 2 and MAT 3 credits can make a significant and cost effective contribution to overall scores. These credits aim to promote the responsible sourcing of materials in both basic and finishing building elements. A maximum of 6 credits are …

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Looking forward to 2013

Posted on December 19th 2012

Planning The wider adoption of Community Infrastructure Charging Schedules (the use of planning obligations will be more restricted from April 2014); The expiration on 27 March 2013 of the 12-month NPPF transitional period, designed to allow some protection for existing local plans depending on the date of their adoption, even where there is a limited degree of conflict with the …

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What people really think about the environment

Posted on May 30th 2012

  “In the face of economic challenge, there is a perception that the public no longer cares about climate change, or living more sustainably. The reality of public opinion on environmental issues is more positive. Support for action on climate change remains strong, and austerity has made saving energy and cutting waste more normal and important. Most people want their …

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Carbon Reduction Commitment reports

Posted on May 23rd 2012

It’s going to be a busy few weeks for businesses involved in the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme. All annual Carbon Reduction Commitment reports and evidence for the 2011/12 financial year must be submitted by the last working day of July. However, many companies will have only just received annual energy statements from their suppliers, so the coming weeks …

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Climate change checklist for PPS 1 compliance

Posted on May 11th 2009

A climate change report to be submitted with a planning application should address the following questions: Has the highest reduction in CO2 emissions been provided? Has the fullest possible use of public transport, cycling and walking been incorporated, reducing the overall need to travel, especially by car? Have existing or planned opportunities for decentralised and renewable or low-carbon energy been …

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