We’re providing developers and builders with practical, forward-thinking advice on energy and environmental issues

As a specialist energy and environment consultancy it’s our mission to make sure that every new building is good for people and good for the planet. Our founders first saw the need for this kind of offering back in 1999, following their involvement in the award-winning Greenwich Millennium Village. What they began has now grown to a consultancy team of 30, as innovation, energy and environment issues have become a more dominant force in planning applications, industry best practice and consumer consciousness.

Today our focus is on providing developers and builders with practical, forward-thinking advice on a range of energy and environmental issues and our diverse and dedicated team of experienced specialists, recognised in many cases as experts in their respective fields, make it possible for our work to have an impact at every stage of a project. The support we offer ranges from creating strategies with a consistent record of gaining planning consent, to advising on the specifics of things like heating, acoustics, and solar and thermal modelling.

No matter the size, purpose, and context of your project, the same values underpin all our work:

We’re ambitious

We take the initiative, never shy away from a challenge and always bring fresh thinking to the table.

We’re conscientious

Our work is grounded in experience and backed up by careful thinking and attention to detail – and we won’t stop working on something until it’s right.

We’re insightful

We combine extensive knowledge with sound judgment, always taking time to fully understand the context before designing a strategy.

We’re caring

We are committed to the wellbeing and development of our team, committed to protecting the world we live and build in and are dedicated to our clients and the success of their projects.

We’re straightforward

We explain complex topics clearly, discuss issues openly and act with integrity.