We work with a wide range of housing developers, housing associations, strategic land developers, commercial developers and contractors. The support we offer ranges from applying our SAP, SBEM, and BREEAM expertise to create strategies with a consistent record of gaining planning consent, to advising on the specifics of things like heating, acoustics and solar and thermal modelling to make a building perfect for purpose. This means that our work can have an impact at every stage of a project, from planning applications through to handover.

We’re also very aware that the ever-changing nature of technology and culture mean that building regulations and planning policies are constantly evolving. So we’re always looking ahead, creating robust yet flexible design strategies to make sure that you’re building something that’s usable, desirable, and compliant both now and long into the future.

No matter the size or focus of a project, we always take the time to get to know our clients and make sure we’ve got a firm grasp on the big picture of what you want to achieve – that way we can put together a bespoke team of specialists to suit your needs. Ultimately, the better we understand your expectations and goals the easier it is for us to help you meet them – and we don’t succeed unless you do