Energy use monitoring is one aspect of building performance evaluation (BPE). The information gathered can be used to optimise operational performance, undertake remediation measures where necessary and feedback lessons learnt to assist the design and construction of future projects. BPE can be used to demonstrate build quality, increase occupant satisfaction, and reduce running costs.

Consumers and planning authorities such as the GLA are increasingly conscious of actual energy use. In particular, the GLA seek to request in-use energy monitoring data through implementation of the Be Seen element of their energy hierarchy:

  1. Be Lean: use less energy and manage demand during operation through fabric and servicing improvements and the incorporation of flexibility measures;
  2. Be Clean: exploit local energy resources (such as secondary heat) and supply energy efficiently and cleanly by connecting to district heating networks;
  3. Be Green: maximise opportunities for renewable energy by producing, storing and using renewable energy on-site;
  4. Be Seen: monitor, verify and report on energy performance through the Mayor’s post construction monitoring platform.

Our experts can assist with:

  • Completing GLA Be Seen compliance spreadsheet and predicted energy assessments;
  • Developing GLA Be Seen compliant metering and monitoring plans;
  • Producing CIBSE TM54 operational energy estimations;
  • Delivering energy metering and monitoring strategies during operation;
  • Communicating lessons learnt to improve designs.