Our solar design analysis informs various stages of the design, from the initial building massing to window openings, shading elements and internal layouts. That way you can be assured that through careful passive design, which is sensitive towards local climate and urban conditions, you can create spaces that make the most of solar gains during winter, avoid excessive heat gains in summer and optimise both the quantity and quality of internal natural daylight throughout the year.

The external-analysis services we offer include:

  • Envelope Impact Studies
  • Solar Radiation for Massing
  • Overshadowing Analysis
  • Amenity Spaces Sun-hours Analysis
  • Façade Shading Design
  • PV Optimum Positioning

The internal-analysis services we offer include:

  • Daylight & Sunlight Assessment for Planning
  • Average Daylight Factor
  • Climate-based Internal Daylight Analysis
  • Internal Glare & Visual Comfort Analysis
  • Daylighting, Design & Visual Acuity
  • BREEAM Visual Comfort Assessment