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Client: United Living Ltd

Location: London Borough of Islington

Architect: HTA Design LLP

Accommodation: 45 residential dwellings

Status:  Completed

Our Work: External plant assessment, dynamic overheating assessment, thermal bridging analysis, daylight and view from sky calculations, green performance plan, energy statement

Acoustics and overheating and ventilation impact each other, therefore when carrying out these reports it was important for us to consider both issues to ensure a strategy was developed to create a balanced solution.The acoustic report looked at BS8233:2014 criteria to assist in the planning conditions which required confirmation that the building would meet the acceptable noise levels. Noise measurements were carried out to collect data at the site. Internal noise levels were predicted using typical Rw sound reduction values for a facade construction with double glazed windows.

With windows closed, the calculations indicate that internal noise levels inside living rooms and bedrooms will achieve the LAeq, T noise criteria for daytime and night time respectively, assuming a standard level of glazing. However, to achieve the LAmax,F criteria in the bedrooms at night, we recommended a slightly higher glazing specification.

As the building would only pass with windows closed a ventilation strategy was incorporated and the overheating approach took into consideration the external noise levels when windows are open and therefore only allowed for openable windows in unoccupied habitable room to provide high levels of ventilation.