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Glazing Implications of Part L1A 2013

Posted on March 31st 2014

Glazing is already a key focus area for environmental assessment, driving internal daylight levels, thermal comfort, and overheating risk.  Our initial assessment using Part L 2013 shows the increasing importance of early consideration of the energy and CO2 impacts of glazing design. The strategic issue is that the benchmark notional building used in SAP 2012 requires high thermal efficiency through …

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BREEAM and Code Design Stage Assessments Before Construction

Posted on November 18th 2013

Developments which are required to achieve BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes ratings should consider their requirements as early as possible. It is essential that pre-assessments are included within the feasibility stage of the development. The design must incorporate all of the required criteria ensuring minimal impact on the development and reducing the risk of the rating not being achieved …

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Major changes to environmental management on the way

Posted on November 4th 2013

  In 18 months’ time, the revised version of the international standard for Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001, will be published.  The changes are likely to have a major impact on organisations which are currently certified. To date, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) have focussed on managing an organisation’s impact on the environment.  Part of the new standard will reverse this perspective …

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A successful 10 years at St Mary’s Island, Chatham

Posted on October 14th 2013

Our recent appointment on the latest phase on St Mary’s Island, Chatham, with Countryside Properties plc extends our involvement in one of the largest regeneration projects in the UK. Our involvement in the project began in early 2000s and is currently our longest standing project, an achievement we are very proud of. In that time, we have successfully certified over …

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Practice Update

Posted on October 9th 2013

Over the past two months we have continued to strengthen our specialist team.  Charlotte Booth has returned to us after completing her MSc in Building Energy and Environmental Performance at Cardiff University. Charlotte has been joined by two new energy graduates, Scott Caldwell and Declan Price. Scott has recently graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology and Declan from Nottingham University. These …

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Pre completion checks for BREEAM, Code and Energy Performance Certificates

Posted on October 1st 2013

The final as-built check is often the most difficult part of any certification process. This is often the point at which any changes from design stage certification come to light with the additional complication of short timescales and commercial pressures during the handover process. The difficulty assessors face is that the required documentation needs to be in place prior to …

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The Increasing Importance of Thermal Bridging

Posted on September 23rd 2013

Thermal modelling of construction details is a key tool for developers seeking to comply with the new fabric standards for Part L 2013 and address the technical concern of surface condensation risk. This will become increasingly valuable when statutory fabric performance requirements are introduced in April 2014. Using 2D and 3D thermal modelling software, we are able to assess construction …

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Emerging Housing Standards in England – a Comparison

Posted on September 3rd 2013

Within the last fortnight two strategic policy documents have been published in England: the London Plan Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance on Sustainable Design and Construction (published by the Greater London Authority) and the conclusions of the Housing Standards Review, setting out new Nationally Described Standards, published by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Both these documents are currently subject …

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Green Materials – The Environmental Product Declaration

Posted on August 26th 2013

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a standardised way of measuring the environmental impact of a product, it includes verified information on the procurement of the raw materials, energy use and efficiency, content of materials and chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water and waste generation.  It reports the results of a product Life Cycle Assessment and is classified …

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What might a delay of the new Part L mean for London Plan Policy?

Posted on July 2nd 2013

New guidance for Part L of the Building Regulations is late, and there are mounting industry concerns that the next version of the Regulations may not come into force until April 2014.  A delay will have knock-on effects for any planning policies predicated on the Government’s zero carbon homes timetable. An example is the London Plan Cross Cutting Policy 5.2. …

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