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BREEAM Commissioning Requirements

Posted on September 16th 2013

Commissioning is one of the key elements included within the Man 1 Sustainable Procurement issue within the BREEAM 2011 manual. There are two credits available for the commissioning process. The main contractor must appoint a commissioning manager to monitor and programme the commissioning of systems.  All commissioning must be carried out in line with the current building regulations, BSRIA and …

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Part F and drying clothes indoors

Posted on November 27th 2012

  Many new homes, particularly flats, are being designed without adequate facilities for drying laundry. A study in Scotland, by the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit, showed that 87% of households dry their clothes indoors during the heating season, with 64% drying laundry on or near heating sources. The average amount of moisture produced in the home is 5-10 litres …

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Ventilation, MVHR and summer overheating

Posted on April 18th 2011

Summary Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems recycle the heat from exhaust air by passing it to incoming air. This is a passive process that relies on heat exchangers with large surface areas, and it requires no additional energy input. Such a system is an advantage in winter, but in summer months there is a risk that the process …

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Specification of MVHR to improve performance in SAP

Posted on July 6th 2009

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are balanced whole house ventilation systems. As well as exhausting air from wet rooms like typical extract units, they also preheat the incoming air for diffusion into living spaces. MVHR is increasingly being specified by house builders. In many instances this is because it can make a significant cost effective contribution towards the …

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