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The BRE have announced an increase in BREEAM/HQM fees for all projects registered on or after 1st April 2024. The increase in fees will affect all aspects of the BREEAM/HQM process including registration, certification and fast track certification.

Whilst understanding the necessity for adjustments in fees to sustain operational costs, it’s disheartening to learn about the upcoming increase in BREEAM/HQM fees by approximately 10%. This decision comes at a time when many of us have already been grappling with prolonged timescales for quality assurance processes, significantly impacting project timelines.

Moving forward we hope to see proactive measures from the BRE to continue to mitigate extended timescales and enhance the overall experience for project participants. Clear communication, streamlined processes, and a genuine commitment to continuous improvement will be key in rebuilding trust and confidence in the BREEAM/HQM framework.

Should you wish to register an assessment to secure the current fee scheme or want to discuss any concerns with the BRE feedback timescales, please get in touch with our BREEAM lead Zeta Stebbings at

Posted on March 27th, 2024

Author: Zeta Stebbings