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BRE have recently revamped their HQM standard for new homes, now known as the HQM ONE scheme version. In response to recent consultation, BRE have updated the scheme to recognise homes with improved quality.

We’re providing CPD presentations to keep our clients up-to-speed with the latest changes. We’re also developing forward-thinking HQM strategies with bespoke Pre-Assessments, to ensure early credits are considered.

One of the key changes is to the ratings where the 1-5 star system now increases in half star increments, as shown in the table below. This will allow a high-level comparison between HQM and other standards (i.e. a 3 Star HQM rating will be broadly equivalent to a well designed and built Code Level 3 home).

The following changes have also been made:

  • Credit changes – increase or decrease in total number of credits available
  • New credits under ‘Quality Assurance’ and ‘Outdoors’
  • ‘Knowledge Sharing’ has become ‘Delivery’
  • New minimum requirements / pre-requisites
  • Release of HQM Scotland and HQM Wales

For more information, please contact Kate Hodson, one of our Licensed HQM Assessors. [ / 020 3603 1610]


Posted on September 14th, 2018

Author: Kate Hodson

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