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Last month Kim presented her research on acoustics, ventilation and overheating in residential buildings at the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) London Branch Meeting. The presentation was an important opportunity to showcase and discuss her findings as there is limited research in this area.

The internal and external environments of two developments were monitored to obtain sample noise and temperature levels over a two-week period during the heatwave last summer (July 2018). The information collated was compared to current industry guidance such as BS 8233:2014, CIBSE TM59 and the draft Acoustic, Ventilation and Overheating Residential Design Guide (Association of Noise Consultants, ANC) .

The data collated showed that many of the results exceeded the standards set for noise and/or overheating levels.

A residents’ survey was carried out to understand occupants’ perceptions. It showed that residents had to compromise on noise, ventilation or temperature levels in order to achieve a comfortable environment. Residents felt resigned to the exposure to high levels of noise resulting from opening the windows to improve ventilation and overheating, believing they would become accustomed to the noise level.

The research clearly demonstrates the need for ongoing careful consideration of effectively balancing acoustic and thermal comfort in the design of new homes.