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Client: Wates Construction London Residential

Location: Abbey Road, London Borough of Camden

Architect: AHR Architects

Accommodation: Ground floor Community Centre and upper floor Health Centre, with associated landscaping and cycle parking.

Status: Under construction

Our Work: BREEAM; Adaptation to Climate Change Report; Building User Guides; Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); Indoor Air Quality Plan (IAQP).

We supported Camden/Wates in devising the sustainability strategy for the proposed Community Centre and Health Centre in Phase 2 of the Abbey Road regeneration scheme. We worked closely with the team to provide an integrated sustainability strategy (including BREEAM Excellent) in a cost-effective manner. The building creates a healthy and environment with strong connections to the newly improved landscape that provides a sustainable solution.

In order to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with construction a Life Cycle Assessment was also undertaken. This was done to ensure that the materials selected had a low environmental impact (including embodied carbon), over the life cycle of the building. To minimise the need for future adaptation due to climate change and changing weather patterns an Adaptation to Climate Change study was also completed.