Our track record equips us to respond to challenging situations

Client: McCarthy & Stone

Location: Truro, Cornwall

Accommodation: 45 dwellings

Status: Completed

Our Work: Thermal bridging, SAP, alternative methods of construction

This project was selected by McCarthy & Stone as a trial for alternative methods of construction following a review of the benefits of alternative methods of construction carried out by us.

Our input in the project has contributed towards initial selection of the construction methodology, review of tenders, liaison with suppliers, energy assessment and generation of low-energy lighting strategy for the communal areas.

Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) was selected as the most appropriate construction method for the benefits of reduced build duration, enhanced air tightness, reduced thermal bridging and subsequent opportunity to achieve excellent levels of energy performance whilst employing simple electric heating systems and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. When combined with a very efficient lighting design for communal areas developed by our energy assessors, this has allowed Part L compliance to be achieved across the development without renewable energy measures.

The project will not only provide residents with low-energy, comfortable homes, but also allow McCarthy & Stone to assess the practicality of employing modern methods of construction.