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Client: St James

Location: White City

Lead Architect: Patel Taylor

Delivery Architect: CJCT

Accommodation: 2,030 new homes and over 80,000 sqft of commercial space across 5 phases

Status: Planning achieved / Under construction / Built

Our Work: Energy statement, Sustainability Statement, Overheating, Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessment, Circular Economy Statement, Optimisation, Heat Network Advice, Energy management, Energy advice, Building physics, SAP, SBEM, Air Testing, Zero carbon buildings

Working with St James, we have assisted with the White City Living development, in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Since the initial masterplan, we have helped with several successful reserved matters applications and an update to the overall masterplan. As a part of this work, the scheme has optimised its energy and overheating strategy, delved into its wider impact against climate change and included a flexible heating strategy. This has produced a development that is future ready and meets the GLA’s requirement for net zero carbon.

The development’s single heat network has been assessed both commercially and strategically to ensure future and existing phases work sustainably. While the future phases are to be led by heat pumps the existing phases continue to benefit from the traditional plant on site.

As a part of St James’ commitment to reduce its climate impact, they have proactively considered innovative and novel technologies.

The development has utilised bespoke and coupled building physics calculations to ensure that design quality is achieved in both internal and intermediate space such as the winter gardens at the top of the Cassini tower. Using complex 3D thermal bridge calculations along with dynamic thermal modelling there was an ability to determine condensation risk.