We are a specialist energy and environment consultancy for planning and development


Energy & Environmental Design

Our utilities service includes analysis of Electricity, Potable Water, Gas, Telecommunications and local heat networks. The scope of our analysis includes: Utilities demand analysis of the proposed development; Identification of existing services that require disconnection, diversion or abandonment; Assessment of available capacities of local networks; Obtaining budgetary costs for new utilities infrastructure to service the development; Development of programme durations …

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Battersea Reach – St George


Client: St George Developments Limited Location: London Borough of Wandsworth Architect: Broadway Malyan Accommodation: 1,084 dwellings and 36,000m2 of commercial floor space Status: Built Our Work: Having agreed a community heating strategy for the site at planning stage, we have been helping to deliver the Energy Centre and heat network. This has involved the preparation of a District Heating Masterplan, …

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