We are a specialist energy and environmental consultancy for planning and development

Bristol General Hospital

Sustainability Statements


Sustainability Statements are required by local planning authorities to support a planning application and to demonstrate policy compliance, particularly in light of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) presumption in favour of sustainable development. We have an intimate knowledge of the planning process and we combine this with our technical understanding of environmental sustainability to ensure that appropriate strategies are …

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Tanya McLarney

Proposals Manager

A Fine Arts graduate with eleven years’ experience in DVD authoring and visual design for the recorded music industry, Tanya joined us in 2014 as our Proposals Manager. She coordinates the quotation process by assisting our Energy and Environment specialists in the drafting and submission of our proposal documents. She is closely involved in the marketing of our high added …

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Royal Arsenal Riverside

Royal Arsenal Riverside – Berkeley Homes

Specialist Projects

Having been in military use for hundreds of years up to 1967, the Royal Arsenal site in Woolwich was largely derelict by the time Berkeley Homes was selected to develop the site into a 3,700 home mixed-use scheme. The site is extremely complex and poses a number of unique challenges unusual in residential developments. A particular achievement has been integrating …

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