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The rollout of FHS 2025 should not be a major surprise for designers and developers working to already high standards written in adopted or emerging local plans in some boroughs (e.g., London, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, Central Lincolnshire, south-west areas such as Bristol, Bath and North-East Somerset). These local authorities already drive fabric standards beyond Part L requirements and, in most instances, give a lot of consideration to provision of centralised heating systems, often linked to wider heat networks. A push towards maximising low and renewable energy technologies within these boroughs have prepared the developers for early assessments of heat pumps and PV panels, with consideration given to all associated issues (efficiencies optimisation, spatial requirements, cost).

Those working in areas with relaxed planning policy, delivering mostly gas heated buildings and accustomed to meeting only the minimum requirements of the current Part L, will find the transition to new standards a significant step.